Research & Development

Samyang’s R&D Centers is sharpening its global competitive edge by development weapon systems that perfectly adapt to diverse the environments.

The Change is the fate to any corporation. Should companies go against the stream, the future will only grow darker for them. We adapt to change by proactively investing in research and development with a clear understanding of the value of change and transformation.

Our Technical Research Center and Analytical Instrumentation Research Institute, which were established in 1982 and 2001, respectively, and are equipped with top notch research facilities and researchers, have developed NBC protection equipment, materiel and defense systems, and an ammunition and camouflage net, with the adaptability and high performance of such products earning recognition both domestically and globally.

We will proactively participate in the development of the high-tech weapon systems in the future while aiming to develop top-class products and services, which will be realized by recruiting and raising top talents, collaborating with universities and other institutions, and exchanging the technologies with overseas partners.