As a trustable defense industrial company,
we will keep growing into the global top-tier company leading the future.

Founded in 1972 with the management philosophy and faith of the diligence, the creativity, and the harmony, Samyang Chemical Co., Ltd., has been performing a key role in the fields of NBC protection, camouflage, signature management, and ammunition of the Korean defense industry over the past fifty years. We are doing our best in order to provide the best products and customer’s satisfaction based on the accumulated technology and experience.

We, Samyang, in order to be Samyang with sustainable development to a 100-year-old company, have been making the spirit of Samyang through the valuing the talent and technology as a key management value, the leading of the future by aiming at the best in the specialized fields, and the contribution to the human society by the righteousness management and the social responsibility. And we are making all the efforts to take a leap into the global company representing Korea through the continuous technical innovation, R&D, and quality improvement.

All our executives and staff members promise that Samyang will be a company to grow together with our customers by becoming a trustable, innovative, and respectable Samyang with the top priority to satisfy the needs of customer, realize our core value and secure the safety at the rapidly changing environment in the future.

We look forward to your continued encouragement and support in the future.

Thank you very much.


Since its founding in 1972, Samyang Chemical Co., Ltd., has contributed to enhance the Korean military power and the survivability of the
armed forces in the field of the defense industry such as NBC protection, ammunition, camouflage and signature management.

In the field of the NBC protection, starting with the decontamination and antidote program, Samyang has developed the advanced individual and collective protection equipment.
In recent years, Samyang is expanding its abilities to the biological detection, identification, and alarm system to increase the survivability and preserve the combat power under the future NBC warfare.

In the field of the ammunitions, Samyang has developed the multi-spectral screening smoke grenade effective in the visible, infrared, and millimeter waves and the electronic countermeasure munitions
to defeat the radar frequency and infrared guided missiles. Now, Samyang is concentrating on the research and development capability for the state of the art ammunition efficiently to deal with the future threats.

In the field of the signature management, Samyang is producing and developing the multi-spectral camouflage net to screen and block the battlefield surveillance
sensors operated in the visible light, infrared bands, and radar frequencies, the identification friend or foe, non-cooperative, and the mobile stealth camouflage systems.

In the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Samyang Chemical Co., Ltd. would like to contribute to the enhancement of Korean military power through the development and production of the competitive cutting-edge
core technologies and defense products in Korea as well as overseas based on the continuous R&D investment and the endeavor, and the talent-oriented management. With the spirit of the win-win strategy and cooperation,
Samyang is making all the efforts to grow into the global top-tier company that protects not only the social contribution and local community development, but also the peace and happiness, which are the universal values of mankind.

신뢰를 기반으로 방위산업 전문기업으로 최고인재와 첨단기술을 바탕으로
지속성장과 더불어 자주국방, 국가경제 발전 및 인류평화에 기여합니다.

행복한 회사, 즐거운 조직문화를 선도하는 삼양화학공업(주)
가 방위산업을 이끌어 가겠습니다.

삼양화학공업(주)는 미래 유망기술 개발을 통해 국방전력 강화는 물론 고부가가치 창출의 기반을 마련하겠습니다.

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